November 30, 2014

Fashion Radar : Anecdote

When I visited Maastricht this spring, I discovered a shop called "Anecdote". It's a brand that focuses on making comfortable, wearable clothes of high quality. I had been liking statement sweaters quite a lot, but I didn't want to have the ordinary célfie or feline one. One came to another and I spotted this dark blue sweatshirt... It's by far the softest, most comfortable item in my closet -yet it is quite fashion forward.

Check out the Anecdote website here

Melange Matières

ENG: Why is it that the greatest inspiration comes when the appropriate season is over? I am having plenty of ideas for spring or autumn weather, but winter? No, thanks. Welcome to the season of jeans and sweaters. Dreaming about (fringed!) crop tops, little boots and ripped jeans I say: Au revoir la mode, I will see you in march! 

FR: Pourquoi l'inspiration vient quand la bonne saison est fini? J'ai plein des idées pour des tenues printemps ou automne, mais l'hiver? Non, merci. Bienvenue à la saison de jean et pull. Pendant que je rêve des crop tops, des petits bottes et des jeans déchirés, je dis : Au revoir la mode, on se reverra en mars! 

Oktober 16, 2014

Better than Jackets


ENG: Finally it's cold enough to wear the beloved long version of jackets without looking out of place. And luckily it's not yet so frosty that we have to get the puffy down jackets out (because let's be honest here -they're just not that elegant).
So let's make the most of this fabulous time as long as we can -with this nice selection of perfect autumn coats. There is some cocoon shape, shearling, camel wool blend and even some tailored orange to be discovered!

First row - Mango, Mango, Mango  
Second row - Rebecca Taylor, Zara, Zara

Oktober 14, 2014

Autumn's Must Haves

october '14

ENG: The Fashion Weeks are over and we have changed our strappy sandals for heeled boots, replaced the cropped denim jacket with a tweed coat and the pleated shorts for midnight black skinny jeans. With the change of season there always comes a short period of disorientation concerning our fashion choices - here is my personal autumn's must have list to help get over it as fast as possible.

Burgundy Faux Fur Jacket - Karl Lagerfeld : Burgundy is my go-to fall color, and well, the faux fur is self-explanatory, isn't it?
Nail Polishes - Essie : I have never been a girl for bright nail polishes and in addition to that I stick to a nail polish for at least half of the season once I found the perfect one. Last year it was Chanel's Frenzy, but this year I have gotten into the spirit of more sandy, warm colors. From left to right - Take it outside, Sand Tropez, Chinchilly .
Trainers - Sandro : I can't quite lay my finger on what makes these shoes so cool, I guess it's the combination of plain wrinkle-free leather with a rubber sole and no sign of the brand what so ever. Because who wants to be a walking advert? 
Interview Magazine : A friend of mine, who studies art introduced me to this magazine (weirdly I had never heard of it before) and it's just amazing! It a bit "easier" to read as Vogue but not as focused on fashion as InStyle. Love it! 

Juni 22, 2014



Summer has finally arrived and with it there comes a new wave of prints, florals and pastel colors. To anyone to whom this is foreign business -including me- I would like to give following advice.
1. Take it easy -one printed item in one outfit is enough. Mixing prints can easily go wrong, allow your style-sense some time to approach it.
2. Not every pattern and color is for every type. You really like that orange lilac top with cobalt blue linings? If you have a pale skin tone or light hair, you should probably opt for the light yellow pink option with navy blue lining.
3. Watch your jewelry! If your printed item is eye catching you don't need that rose golden watch nor that statement necklace.
4. Experiment! No fashion icon has gotten their reputation for wearing boring clothes or being afraid of what others may think.

All tops above are from Zara.

April 29, 2014

Exposition - Karl Lagerfeld

ENG: As I've written in my previous post, I have been on vacation. On our way to Maastricht (we travelled by car), we stopped in a german town called Essen to see the exposition "Parallele Gegensätze" about Karl Lagerfeld. It was mostly about photographs taken by Lagerfeld, as well as ads and photo stories for Chanel. The exposition even provided some sketches and mannequins with clothes from Chanel. I took some photos for you -which was quite difficult as there were so many people plus I'm not yet used to my new camera.
Anyways I hope you enjoy them. 

April 21, 2014

Je fais ma valise....

ENG: Tomorrow I am going on vacation to the Netherlands and France for a week. As soon as I am back I will make posts for each city I visited and what I wore. To give you an idea of what you might see in my following posts and to provide some inspiration I thought I'd prepare this little pre-vacation / packing post. Enjoy your holidays & Happy Easter (maybe a little late!)

FR: Je vais ma vous montre ce que j'apporterai pour mes vacances en Pay-Bas et en France. Dès que je rentre à la maison je vais préparer des posts pour chaque ville que j'ai visité, mais jusque là je vous présente un petit sneak-peak de ce que vous attendra concernant mes tenues. Bonne vacances & Joyeux Paques (un peu en retard) ! 

April 18, 2014

Sparkly Sunglasses


ENG: Sunglasses are fun. If they have exotic animals, sparkle and little UFO's on them they are even better! These spectacles are from a british company called Spangled -now they might not be everybody's cup of tea -but they certainly guarantee a very unique look. I can imagine they would look quite fashionable with a simple outfit -jeans, a white t-shirt....and some dinosaur sunglasses! I like the company's idea of creating items which you won't see on every other person in the street, because after all everybody should wear what they like regardless of what others may think. 

Check out their website here.

März 31, 2014


Shirt - Cos
Trousers - H&M
Shoes - Asos
Clutch - Cos
Sunglasses - Ray Ban
 Bracelets - no name 
This post appeared on Teen Vogue Fashion Click.

ENG: A post full of classics -black trousers, chelsea boots, the oh-so-famous aviators and of course the striped shirt. Wearing an outfit created with classic pieces is a bit tricky though. There is always the risk of looking boring -which is why it's important to give an effortless touch to it. I choose to wear loose fitted trousers in order to make it more déconcontré and added a blue snakeskin patterned clutch. 
Besides, I'm sorry for the lack of posts, march was a month full of studying, birthdays, school activities and de-inspiration. April will be much better -there will be traveling and packing posts, plus a new series where I will post random photos of fashionable items. 

FR: Un accoutrement plein de vêtements classiques -des pantalons noir, des bottes chelsea, les aviators on ne peut plus fameux -et les t-shirt rayé. Porter tous ces classiques peut être un peu compliqué, ça risque d'être trop de façon réfléchi si on perd le côte déconcentré. C'est pour ça que j'ai choisi un pantalon plutot loose-fitted et un accessoire de serpent bleu. 
En outre, je suis désolée pour le manque de posts. Mars était un mois plein d'anniversaire, études, activités scolaire et manque d'inspiration. L'avril deviendra mieux avec de posts de voyage...en plus ily aura une nouvelle genre de post avec des photos des articles fashion faite au hasard. 

März 12, 2014

Cropped & Pink

Crop Top : Zara
Pants : H&M
Shoes : Topshop
Clutch : Abro
Sun Glasses : Ray Ban
Midi Ring with letter : Topshop
Nail Polish : Essie 'Muchi Muchi'

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ENG: Here we go, my first outfit post of march. I've decided to take advantage of the weather by wearing a longsleeved crop top and high waisted, loose fitted trousers. Since once again my attire somehow ended up completely black, I added some color in form of a pink clutch and some rosegold jewelry like the "K" Ring from Topshop. 

FR: Et voilà, mon premier post de vêtements en mars. J'ai profité du bon temps en portant un crop top avec de pantalons haut et mes chaussures préférées. Vue que c'était encore une fois très noir, j'ai ajouté un accessoire pink et des bijoux orée, comme la bague avec le "K". 

März 10, 2014

Fashion Radar / Eytys

ENG: There is a new pair of shoes on my fashion radar! As the weather is getting warmer, I see more and more people bringing out their sneakers. Now, I've never been keen on wearing the same shoes as everybody. In the streets I mostly see (white) Converse, Air Max and less often but nevertheless quite frequently Vans. Last year I owned a nice white pair of Supergas, but in addition to them looking very worn, they seem to have arrived in the common shoe cupboard aswell. 
Long story short : I've been on the hunt for never-seen-before sneakers. And I've found them. I have to admit that I actually spotted them on fashion blogs (Elin Kling and weworewhat), which technically means they are not never-seen-before, but I guess it will take at least a year until they become popular in my homecountry. 
I present you: the Eytys. Simple, white canvas sneakers with a purple signature pull tab and white laces.
Have a look at them here.

März 05, 2014

Fashion Week 14 - Milan


Uma Wang

The Uma Wang collection was a composition of loose fitted pieces with a mystical touch, created by oriental prints and the combination of red and gold.
Maxi dresses worn with long, oversized coats gave the défilé a very casual touch
-although pin stripes suits and silky materials were represented as well.
It is a very unique look and certainly not everybody's cup of tea -which in my opinion makes it even more interesting. 

Februar 24, 2014

It's all about Charles

Jacket : Armani
Shirt : Eleven Paris
Trousers : H&M
Shoes : Zara
Watch : Fossil
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ENG: It's almost spring time! In honor of the first sun rays, I decided to parade my new shoes (as seen here). But the beginning of spring doesn't only give permission to wear open-toed shoes again, no it also allows to wear lighter jackets! I opted for a sporty blazer (its best feature: electric blue lining on the inside!) paired with tailored chiffon trousers. As the shoes make the outfit appear quite formal, I dressed it down with a statement shirt...

Fashion Week 14 - London


Mary Katrantzou

ENG: My favorite show from the London Fashion Week was Mary Katrantzou. I especially enjoyed the combination of dark colors such as red, blue and green paired with lighter, silvery colors and the material mix, for example the outfit on the bottom right -an embroidered fur sweater paired with a shimmery skirt. The collection reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, I'm not sure why -maybe because of the long dresses, the detailing and the splendid embellishments. The designer got inspired by uniforms -which is why the usual prints and patterns were replaced by graphic symbols. Although the looks, especially the shapes, were quite plain, the symbols gave it an interesting imaginative touch and managed to create a lot of different looks based on one idea.

Februar 19, 2014

Fashion Week 14 - New York


Rebecca Taylor

ENG: Finding a show to review from the New York Fashion Week was quite difficult. There are just so many, it's impossible to look at all of them and for some reason I had trouble picking one that I entirely enjoyed. Finally I came across the Rebecca Taylor show. It's a very untypical collection, considering it's for autumn/winter and there were a lot of spring-related colors such as baby blue, nude, lilac and even pink snakeskin patterns. 
Most of the looks consisted of laser cut mesh tops, cocoon shaped coats, flowing trousers as well as loose cut skirts and fuzzy sweaters. The collection showed a very cool, yet sophisticated vibe with a lot of wearable pieces and a new, independent touch. 
Besides, the shoes were A+.  

Februar 17, 2014

Fashion Week 14 - Berlin


Kaviar Gauche 14

ENG: As most of you know, it's fashion week time, and I have spent the last few days impatiently waiting for uploads on youtube, online streams or even just Instagram photos. (On that note: Most of the popular fashion magazines, like Vogue or Elle, have videos of the shows on their websites!) 
Since there are so many fashion shows in so many different cities, I decided to pick one or two that I enjoyed most from each city. This one is the défilé of the label "Kaviar Gauche" represented at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. 
Now, where to start? If I had to sum it up in one sentence I would probably say it was a modern, bohemian interpretation of ascot (the hats!) in the twenties (feathers!). Although there were a lot of dandy elements, such as monkstraps, smoking jackets and trousers the collection also had a very feminine touch, created by long transparent dresses, lace detailing and small black belts. Almost the entire collection was monochrome, just a few looks in orange and white replaced by an ivory-color. 
I really liked the simplicity and elegance of this show, it's definitely a label to keep an eye on in my opinion! 

Februar 05, 2014

Grey Stripes, Take 2

Coat : Zara 
Shirt : Cos
Skirt : H&M
Shoes : Asos
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ENG: It's actually blue stripes this time...Just because I was wearing a blue coat and I found the blue stripes much better than the grey ones! This makes me feel more guilty than it should!
However, for Take 2 I'm wearing a new pleated leather skirt (see it's first blog appearance here) and a blue cocoon coat. Since the first outfit with a grey striped shirt was quite casual I thought it would be suitable to dress up this time, therefore I wanted to wear a skirt. Besides I really like material mixes such as wool and leather.
Click here to see Grey Stripes Take 1!

DEU: Eigentlich sind es blaue Streifen dieses Mal. Da der Mantel blau ist, fand ich blaue Streifen angemessener als graue! Wie auch immer, für Take 2 habe ich einen Faltenrock aus Leder (hier könnt ihr sein erstes Erscheinen auf dem Blog sehen) und einen blauen Cocoon Mantel ausgewählt. 
Hier könnt ihr Grey Stripes Take 1 sehen!

FR: Pour être honnête, ces sont des rayures bleu cette fois-ci. Vue que le manteau est bleu, j'ai préférée les rayures bleus aux rayures gris! Enfin, pour Take 2 j'ai choisi un jupe plissé en cuir (dont le première post sur le blog vous pouvez voir ici) et un manteau bleu en forme de cocon.
Voici vous pouvez voir Grey Stripes Take 1!

Februar 01, 2014

Waiting for Spring

Crop Top : Zara
Shorts : H&M
Heels : Zara
Sunglasses : Urban Outfitters
Nail Polish : Chanel N°491

ENG: I know it's only february, but I'm already impatiently waiting for Spring. Spring has always been my favorite season, especially fashion-wise. I can wait to wear all the nice stuff that has been hanging on my clothing rail since October, desperately waiting to be worn (okay that is too dramatic, but honestly I've been desperately looking at them!) Recently I got these amazing Zara Heels, they are quite versatile and can easily be dressed up or down. The outfit shown above is definitely corresponding to dressed up, concerning the shorts are completely covered in sparkly embroidery. Unfortunately the lightning does not allow the top to be shown properly -I tried to edited the first one, but well....It's rib knitted and has very long sleeves. To add some springlike colors I would use a pinkish/reddish nail polish and add some "summer bracelets" -friendship bracelets or woven bangles etc. to create that effortless style. 

DEU: Obwohl es erst Februar ist, warte ich schon ganz ungeduldig auf den Frühling. Frühling war schon immer meine Lieblingsjahreszeit, besonders was Mode betrifft. In Gedanken stelle ich schon Outfits mit den Sachen zusammen, die seit Oktober ungetragen auf meiner Kleiderstange hängen.
Vor ein paar Tagen habe ich diese perfekten Sandalen bekommen, sie sind ziemlich vielseitig einsetzbar und können sowohl sehr elegant als auch sehr unbemüht aussehen. Das oben gezeigte Outfit trifft wohl eher auf elegant zu, besonders durch die Kombination mit den bestickten Shorts. Leider ist die Belichtung nicht sehr vorteilhaft für das schwarze Top, es ist aus Rippstrick und hat überlange Ärmel. Um das Ganze etwas frühlingshafter und weniger up-dressed wirken zulassen, würde ich einen roten oder pinkfarbenen Nagellack auswählen -außerdem vielleicht ein paar Sommerarmbänder, also Freundschaftsbändchen oder Flechtarmbänder.

FR: Bienque le février vient juste de commencer, je pense déjà au printemps. Le printemps a toujours été ma saison préférée, surtout concernant la mode. Dans ma tête je suis déjà en train de créer des tenues avec les vêtement qui attendent depuis le mois d'octobre sur mon porte-manteau.
Il y a quelque jours que j'ai reçu ces sandales au talon formidable. Elles sont très polyvalentes, on peut les porter d'une façon élégante mais aussi d'une façon léger. Le photo montré au dessus correspond plutôt à la façon élégante, grâce au short brodé. Malheureusement on ne peut pas bien voir le top noir, l'exposition n'est pas assez claire. C'est un top côtelée avec des manches très longues. Pour ajouter un look plus printanière, je porterais un vernis rouge/rose et des bracelets d'été comme des bracelets tressé. 

Januar 31, 2014

Gold & Black Newcomers

Skirt : H&M
Top : The Kooples
Bracelet : Topshop
Nail Polish : Douglas

ENG:In lack of a proper outfit post, I decided to make photos of these month's newcomers for you. As you can see, black and gold are the only two colors represented in these photos. Personally, I like this combination of colors, it's very expressing and you can almost never go wrong with it. Sometimes it can be a bit too glamour, but in the end it's -just like always- all about the way of styling, n'est-ce pas?
The pleated leather skirt was a january's sale bargain, just like the bracelet. It's kind of a souvenir, as I bought it in Cape Town. The top has been given to me by my french friend Célina for christmas. I really love and can't wait for spring to wear it.

FR: Vue que je n'ai pas encore preparé le prochaine post sur un outfit, j'ai décidé á prendre des photos des nouveaux achats du mois de janvier. Comme vous pouvez voir, il n'y a que les couleurs noir et d'or sur ces photos -une combinaison qui me semble très expressife. Parfois les deux couleurs ensemble font  trop glamour, mais après tout c'est une question de styling, comme toujours dans la mode. 
Le jupe plissé était une bonne affaire de soldes en janvier, juste comme le bracelet (que j'ai achète en Le Cap). Ma copine française m'a offert le top noir comme cadeau de Noël, je l'adore et je suis impatient de le porter en printemps.