Januar 12, 2014

January Favorites

January Favorites

My camera is still broken -which means no outfit posts, but here are some of my favorites!          

The biker coat - is one of these clothing items, that are not only good looking but actually practical. It can be dressed up or down (jeans+chelsea boots+sweater for casual or tights+dress+heeled booties for a more dressy look) and it is also very suitable for layering which is a must when you live in cold places. These coats have been literally everywhere this season, and their price range goes from H&M to Acne Studios.

Low ponytails - another practical thing. I sometimes find it hard to style my hair when wearing a scarf. I usually go for the "tucked in and pulled some strands out", but that often ends in a great mess and also damages the hair. A loose ponytail  guarantees the same undone effect, but is better for your hair and makes it possible to spontaneously take the scarf of without looking like you've put your hand in a socket.

Almond Hand Creme & Chanel "Frenzy"- the hand creme is from the Body Shop. It's the best I've ever tried, it smells really good and it absorbs really quickly, enough said. The color of the nail polish can be described best by the word "greige", a mixture of beige and grey. Although it is quite a unique color it can be worn with literally everything as it's not to eye-catching.

Little Bags - oh, haven't we all kept an eye on the Céline Nano Luggage? I've found quite a good alternative from Rebecca Minkoff that has the same size. Unfortunately the picture is not very good, but it's basically a small bag made out of stiff leather. It's just big enough to carry all important items but is still little enough to be worn for occasions where one would normally choose a clutch.

Heeled Booties - these are from Zara. The other day I was shopping with some friends and tried them on (they were so comfortable!) but they weren't my size. Sadly, when I came back from holiday they were sold out in every size. Now I'm looking for a similar pair, if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment! Boots like this are so versatile, I'm sure I could make use of them very often. 

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Célina L. hat gesagt…

Regarde chez André, peut-être qu'il y en a qui ressemblent à celles de chez ZARA (et... c'est en solde!!) ;)
xx, Célina