Februar 17, 2014

Fashion Week 14 - Berlin


Kaviar Gauche 14

ENG: As most of you know, it's fashion week time, and I have spent the last few days impatiently waiting for uploads on youtube, online streams or even just Instagram photos. (On that note: Most of the popular fashion magazines, like Vogue or Elle, have videos of the shows on their websites!) 
Since there are so many fashion shows in so many different cities, I decided to pick one or two that I enjoyed most from each city. This one is the défilé of the label "Kaviar Gauche" represented at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. 
Now, where to start? If I had to sum it up in one sentence I would probably say it was a modern, bohemian interpretation of ascot (the hats!) in the twenties (feathers!). Although there were a lot of dandy elements, such as monkstraps, smoking jackets and trousers the collection also had a very feminine touch, created by long transparent dresses, lace detailing and small black belts. Almost the entire collection was monochrome, just a few looks in orange and white replaced by an ivory-color. 
I really liked the simplicity and elegance of this show, it's definitely a label to keep an eye on in my opinion! 

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