März 31, 2014


Shirt - Cos
Trousers - H&M
Shoes - Asos
Clutch - Cos
Sunglasses - Ray Ban
 Bracelets - no name 
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ENG: A post full of classics -black trousers, chelsea boots, the oh-so-famous aviators and of course the striped shirt. Wearing an outfit created with classic pieces is a bit tricky though. There is always the risk of looking boring -which is why it's important to give an effortless touch to it. I choose to wear loose fitted trousers in order to make it more déconcontré and added a blue snakeskin patterned clutch. 
Besides, I'm sorry for the lack of posts, march was a month full of studying, birthdays, school activities and de-inspiration. April will be much better -there will be traveling and packing posts, plus a new series where I will post random photos of fashionable items. 

FR: Un accoutrement plein de vêtements classiques -des pantalons noir, des bottes chelsea, les aviators on ne peut plus fameux -et les t-shirt rayé. Porter tous ces classiques peut être un peu compliqué, ça risque d'être trop de façon réfléchi si on perd le côte déconcentré. C'est pour ça que j'ai choisi un pantalon plutot loose-fitted et un accessoire de serpent bleu. 
En outre, je suis désolée pour le manque de posts. Mars était un mois plein d'anniversaire, études, activités scolaire et manque d'inspiration. L'avril deviendra mieux avec de posts de voyage...en plus ily aura une nouvelle genre de post avec des photos des articles fashion faite au hasard. 

März 12, 2014

Cropped & Pink

Crop Top : Zara
Pants : H&M
Shoes : Topshop
Clutch : Abro
Sun Glasses : Ray Ban
Midi Ring with letter : Topshop
Nail Polish : Essie 'Muchi Muchi'

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ENG: Here we go, my first outfit post of march. I've decided to take advantage of the weather by wearing a longsleeved crop top and high waisted, loose fitted trousers. Since once again my attire somehow ended up completely black, I added some color in form of a pink clutch and some rosegold jewelry like the "K" Ring from Topshop. 

FR: Et voilà, mon premier post de vêtements en mars. J'ai profité du bon temps en portant un crop top avec de pantalons haut et mes chaussures préférées. Vue que c'était encore une fois très noir, j'ai ajouté un accessoire pink et des bijoux orée, comme la bague avec le "K". 

März 10, 2014

Fashion Radar / Eytys

ENG: There is a new pair of shoes on my fashion radar! As the weather is getting warmer, I see more and more people bringing out their sneakers. Now, I've never been keen on wearing the same shoes as everybody. In the streets I mostly see (white) Converse, Air Max and less often but nevertheless quite frequently Vans. Last year I owned a nice white pair of Supergas, but in addition to them looking very worn, they seem to have arrived in the common shoe cupboard aswell. 
Long story short : I've been on the hunt for never-seen-before sneakers. And I've found them. I have to admit that I actually spotted them on fashion blogs (Elin Kling and weworewhat), which technically means they are not never-seen-before, but I guess it will take at least a year until they become popular in my homecountry. 
I present you: the Eytys. Simple, white canvas sneakers with a purple signature pull tab and white laces.
Have a look at them here.

März 05, 2014

Fashion Week 14 - Milan


Uma Wang

The Uma Wang collection was a composition of loose fitted pieces with a mystical touch, created by oriental prints and the combination of red and gold.
Maxi dresses worn with long, oversized coats gave the défilé a very casual touch
-although pin stripes suits and silky materials were represented as well.
It is a very unique look and certainly not everybody's cup of tea -which in my opinion makes it even more interesting.