März 10, 2014

Fashion Radar / Eytys

ENG: There is a new pair of shoes on my fashion radar! As the weather is getting warmer, I see more and more people bringing out their sneakers. Now, I've never been keen on wearing the same shoes as everybody. In the streets I mostly see (white) Converse, Air Max and less often but nevertheless quite frequently Vans. Last year I owned a nice white pair of Supergas, but in addition to them looking very worn, they seem to have arrived in the common shoe cupboard aswell. 
Long story short : I've been on the hunt for never-seen-before sneakers. And I've found them. I have to admit that I actually spotted them on fashion blogs (Elin Kling and weworewhat), which technically means they are not never-seen-before, but I guess it will take at least a year until they become popular in my homecountry. 
I present you: the Eytys. Simple, white canvas sneakers with a purple signature pull tab and white laces.
Have a look at them here.

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