Oktober 14, 2014

Autumn's Must Haves

october '14

ENG: The Fashion Weeks are over and we have changed our strappy sandals for heeled boots, replaced the cropped denim jacket with a tweed coat and the pleated shorts for midnight black skinny jeans. With the change of season there always comes a short period of disorientation concerning our fashion choices - here is my personal autumn's must have list to help get over it as fast as possible.

Burgundy Faux Fur Jacket - Karl Lagerfeld : Burgundy is my go-to fall color, and well, the faux fur is self-explanatory, isn't it?
Nail Polishes - Essie : I have never been a girl for bright nail polishes and in addition to that I stick to a nail polish for at least half of the season once I found the perfect one. Last year it was Chanel's Frenzy, but this year I have gotten into the spirit of more sandy, warm colors. From left to right - Take it outside, Sand Tropez, Chinchilly .
Trainers - Sandro : I can't quite lay my finger on what makes these shoes so cool, I guess it's the combination of plain wrinkle-free leather with a rubber sole and no sign of the brand what so ever. Because who wants to be a walking advert? 
Interview Magazine : A friend of mine, who studies art introduced me to this magazine (weirdly I had never heard of it before) and it's just amazing! It a bit "easier" to read as Vogue but not as focused on fashion as InStyle. Love it! 

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Simply Fabulous ! You're a true Fashionista my dear.