Januar 25, 2015

About shoes...

about shoes

New Year, New Trends - Shoe Edition

Leaves: Chunky Trainers. Les filles, I never quite understood this trend. Sure, they're comfortable and certainly contribute to that certain streetstyle credibility, but they are so unelegant. Much to my pleasure this 90' reference has no place on the trend shelf of 2015. Good bye !
Stays: The Slip-On's of course. Represented on nearly every fashion blog you can look at, they haven't yet floated into the range of low-end retailers (at least not where I live) but I bet by spring the majority of small-town fashionistas will flaunt their feet in the iconic no-shoelaces model.                                            (Rebecca Minkoff - Salli )
Comes: The white tennis shoe. No brand, no color, no funky extras. Just a plain white, smooth leather tennis shoe with off-white laces. Attention please: White Converse are known to look best when they are a little worn in - but not these!
                                         It's all about that brilliant white, fresh from the shop look.                                                                     (Sandro Athlete - Low Top Sneaker) 

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